Travel with Who?

I love to travel. I have traveled solo, with girlfriends, with family and with my partner and each type of travel experience taps into a different part of me. Each is unique and provides an opportunity to relate to others as well as myself in a completely different way.

I cannot honestly say which is more fun or more enriching or more important. All are equally important and have been equally rewarding. When I am with my girlfriends or other like-minded women, I enjoy bonding with my sister circle and discussing things from the latest and greatest hair products to sharing intimate details and advice about career, relationship, family in a supportive and loving environment. And then there’s time to play, flirt, be silly, laugh and let our feminine goddesses come out and play.

And family is just family–full of quirkiness, laughter, old repeated and sometime worn stories and a time to nurture the younger members of the village and be nurtured by the older members. There’s nothing like an elder lovin on you.

With my man, well—there’s nothing better than the tender touch of your beloved. The feeling of complete safety of being wrapped in the arms of someone who you know has your back. Being swept away by the environment of beauty and culture and romance is exquisite.

If you haven’t experienced it, you must try solo travel. To revel completely in yourself and allow yourself whatever whim may take you whenever it takes you. No schedule, no compromises, nothing but your own voice and own choices and your own company.  A time for reflection, resting and re-organizing. The benefits are boundless.

I am a whole individual, but within my wholeness, there is a vastness. An ocean of aspects that that travel can help you discover. In the freedom of travel, you can allow yourself to be liberated.

My purpose is to engage all people of all backgrounds and to encourage and inspire those who have not yet taken the opportunities to explore the world. I believe that this world is our sacred playground and can provide so much enriching experiences that are transformational.

Come follow me virtually and then join me for one of my transformational retreats where you will experience rest, renewal and rejuvenation for your body, mind and soul. There is so much to see, hear, smell, feel, taste for you to enjoy in the world.

Call me to talk about joining me in my upcoming retreat in November on the beautiful Mexican Riviera coast.

See you soon.