About Me

Sis, it’s Your Time to Shine

(Even though you’re overwhelmed taking care of everyone else)
Hey sis, I see you. You’re taking care of everyone else, at home, at work, in your relationships. You want to feel grounded, focused, clear and motivated, but you are so tired honey! You don’t have it to give to yourself, because you’re already pouring from an empty cup.

I hear you. You want to pursue what makes you happy (of course you do!), but you keep waiting to make sure everyone else’s needs are covered first. Which means you keep waiting…

To have work that matters to you
To stop putting up with people at work who don’t respect you (and who you don’t respect)
To be your own boss and earn the money you need to support your loved ones and yourself
To begin a legacy for your family in terms of values — and money
You are a strong, smart, professional black woman, and I know a few more things about you because I was right there with you.

I know you’ve struggled for most of your life putting others first and over-giving.
I know you’re the first one on call to fix everyone else’s problems (and you always have the answer).

And I know that when it comes to your own dreams, you try to follow them, but you just don’t feel like you have the time, energy or the resources to follow through. You’re already juggling so much. And people are counting on you.

You feel drained. You’ve tried “self care”, you’ve tried talking to your pastor, reading the Bible, listening to audio books and talking to your friends, but you’re still not making the space for your own dreams to come true. Honestly, you’re a little afraid to go all-in.

I bet you’ve told yourself “I’ll start my dream business when I retire” or “I’ll quit my day job when my kids grow up.” But that’s a lot of your life spent waiting!
I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to wait any longer. Your time to shine can be right now.
You just can’t do it alone (nobody can!).

Fun facts about me:

I love travel and eating amazing food. Confession: I created my business around those two things!
I run retreats that let me travel to Bali, Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica (and other cool cities around the world). I like to pick places that are meaningful to me as a woman of color, a Black person and lover of indigenous history. So, when we went to Colombia we visited the only village founded by freed Africans in the Americas–that still exists today.
The wiser I get (I hope), I understand why energy and somatic healing is so important. Negative experiences end up getting stuck in our bodies and contribute to why we may not be moving forward in life. That’s one of the reasons why I’m training to be a yoga teacher, because yoga is such a powerful way for us to release trauma in our bodies. 
So, if you’re ready to take a journey with me (inside and out), then go to my work with me page and check out my future retreats (also check out the video testimonials of past retreats). And if you want to create retreats too, then join me for retreat side hustle. 
See you on your next journey, 
xoxo, Regine