We are bombarded with fast food commercials, options and conveniences that make it difficult for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although we know what to do (eat healthy and exercise –womp womp J) sometimes we need a kick start to propel us into a different mindset. These steps are designed to get you into gear.

Step One: Get a road map. You will have more success once you know where you want to be. Write down and use a vision board to map your destination around your new healthier lifestyle.

Step Two: Find a support partner or group that would be willing to start a kick start program with you. Many times we need support to help us keep our commitments.

Step Three: Start with a 3, 5 or 7 day detox. I love Dr. Oz’s weekend cleanse or the Mean Green 10 day cleans or make your own but the point is to shake yourself out of your habits and current routine. You will probably lose some weight and definitely eliminate some stored up toxins.

Step Four: You probably already have a workout routine or exercises that you prefer. Sometimes it’s just about pushing yourself to make it happen. Plan a schedule and if you can work out or exercise with your work out buddy –even better. Another trick is to visualize yourself working out every day. Your mind is a powerful tool. Use it as an ally.

Step Five: Set a monthly benchmark and treat yourself when you reach it. Take it one step at a time and if you slip, start back at step one.

A transformational retreat is a great way to immerse yourself in a new healthy daily routine. When you joinme at my next retreat, we will get into gear and create a new healthy routine.