Don't go grocery shopping, when you're hungry!So you know how they say, don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry? I don’t know who they are (but in this case, I think they are right ).  Because if you do, you end up buying all kind of shit you don’t need or really want. The reason is because your tank is empty, so you’re not thinking as clearly as you would if it wasn’t. You are driven by your hunger and make decisions from that space. So go fill your tank, get something to eat and then go shopping.

It occurred to me the other day that this rationale holds true in so many other areas in our lives. Recently, I was trying to purchase something and didn’t know what to do, which option was best at what prices, etc., and it was all getting confusing.  I started to feel that overwhelming feeling, you know, how it comes over you like a blanket and I said to myself, “girl don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.” Or in this case, don’t make a decision when you’re confused or overwhelmed, i.e. when your tank is empty.  So I had to go fill my tank.

For me, I fill up my tank by either taking a nap (my favorite option :-)), or meditating, snuggling with my honey, or just relaxing in whatever form that comes to me.

See, I believe that we are at our best–thriving, when we are in our natural state, which is a state of well-being and joy.  Happiness and joy is like being at home base, your tank is full. We may get off home base from time to time, which is normal, but always (hopefully) eventually make it back home. And it is from that state, our natural state, that is best time to make decisions, big or small.

So in other words, when you are annoyed, bothered, frustrated, angry, upset, disappointed, confused, sad, worried, anxious, (add your own),  you will most likely make decisions from that perspective. Albert Einstein said that “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

When were are off home base or have empty tanks, we don’t have access to all of who we are. We cannot tap into our inner wisdom, intuition, greater resources beyond our five senses. All of that information and wisdom is ALWAYS available to us, but it’s our job to get into that zone to access it and receive it. Our receptive antennas need to be tuned into the open heart, a free mind and loving space station. Otherwise, we close off all the intelligence that is naturally available to us.

So now, whenever I am feeling any negative emotion at all, i.e sadness, doubt, concern, worry, anxiety, annoyance, etc.,  I wait until it passes because it always passes; and then when I am feeling better; ideally feeling good, happy, joyful, etc., I go back to the issue, problem, concern or decision I have to make.  Things are usually easier and clearer by then.

From your natural state of being, you will experience life as it should be experienced, with an ease and flow.

These are some of the things we discuss at my retreats. Subjects that help us live happier, smoother, easier lives. Let’s share how we can create more experiences of ease and flow in our lives at my next transformational retreat.