follow your dreams...liberate yourself and liberate othersWhen you say yes to your passion, purpose and gifts, you not only say yes to your freedom, but you also help move the entire human race forward.  For in a small village in Cambodia or tiny town in Haiti, there is a boy or a girl who will never know the joy of discovering his or her passion. She will never be able to explore the possibilities of her talents. He will never know his genius in the arts or science.

But you can explore yours on her behalf. You can do it for him and for everyone around the world who does not have the choice, privilege or opportunity to discover themselves outside of strict roles or rules relegating them to a certain position in life.

When serving our heart’s passions becomes more of the norm than not, mindsets will shift in that direction.  We are all connected and when something that once seemed improbable becomes possible for one, it becomes possible for all. Maybe not today, maybe not in 10 years, but eventually, the new normal will be the discovery of one’s true self. And our students will be taught to embrace their gifts and not forced to conform to standardized test and irrelevant subject areas.

I have been blessed to have an impactful and rewarding career as an attorney for twenty years, and as I enter into this next phase of my career and life, I am exploring my imagination, creativity and naturally inspired inclinations. I am redefining my life’s work based on who I am versus what I do.  It is a liberating and exciting journey. Too many of us were influenced, forced or guilted into selecting careers based on external factors of affluence, success, family desires, and on and on.

It is time to re-examine your vocation, appreciate the ability you have to choose and choose again and choose again and to go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Liberate yourself and liberate others.

Join me at my next transformational retreat where you can tap into your authentic self and rediscover your hidden passions.