You are a Phenomenal Woman

afro woman

And you are going on a transformational retreat with your sisters! You will finally put yourself first and create the time and space to discover or re-discover your inner Self.

Your journey begins as you leave your house, dressed in your favorite travel outfit, with your luggage in hand, ready to leave your world behind you. As you make your way to the airport, you immediately feel relief. You are finally allowing yourself to rest; to get-away from it all for 6 majestic days; to recharge; to connect with your inner wisdom and divine feminine perhaps for the very first time in a long time (or maybe the first time ever).car-1000044

It’s becoming more real each step of the way. Your flight is on time and you step on the plane ready for a smooth flight. Even the plane ride is nurturing.  You’re nice and comfy and pick up the book you have been wanting to read, but haven’t had the time.  You feel proud of yourself as you become immersed in the book and remember what it feels like to just take care of yourself, without any responsibilities or worrying about everyone else. After a little while, you close your eyes and catch up on some well needed rest.

You wake up to the announcement that you are about to land. You made it!



You step off of the plane in the tiny airport, surrounded by lush trees, mountains and countryside, feeling like you are in another land and another time. You are both exhilarated and craving rest; you see your name on a sign, “yah my car is here.”  You enjoy the feeling of not having to worry about making your way anywhere. You get to let go and be taken care of. A smile comes over your face. You sit back and enjoy the ride. You are driven up the scenic mountain and suddenly feel completely immersed in nature; you enjoy the ride and use the time to say a prayer to thank God for the safe trip and ask for wisdom and guidance to help you with your transformation during your time. The driver slows down, you are here— the private resort reserved especially for your phenomenal women’s retreat.


You step out of the car and ….to be continued