paragliding-918721The next three days are filled with fun excursions, your new routine of meditation, yoga, delicious healthy food, pic 11
relaxation, amazing fellowship and too many internal revelations to count. You now completely understand why you need “retreats” as part of your lifestyle. “When else would I have done this?” you ask yourself.  You always thought that going to the spa every once in a while; going to church; going on vacation or spending time with family was enough; but now realize that none of those activities cut it. “I need this for me because I need to spend time to get to know myself better; spend time assessing, creating or recreating my life; spend time relaxing with no pressure to get to the next event, dinner, show or excursion when I’m on vacation. I need this to recharge”. You are a little disappointed about how you have allowed yourself to overlook yourself, not prioritize yourself or put “the having or doing of things” in front of just “being.” But you now feel empowered to do better because you now know better.massage


In looking back at your final few days, you can’t single out the best experience; so many were amazing. One of the most enjoyable evenings, was the Soulsiptm class where you practiced mindful drinking and learned how mindfulness helps you live a more full life.  The class was taught by Dr. Redell Hearn, an African American museum studies professor, who had so much to share, not only about her profession and Black art, but also about her passion for wine and how she merged that with meditation.unnamed (2)

The way she guided you to take a sip of your drink and really taste it like you never have before was simple yet profound. She asked you to start with the smells and allow them to infuse your nostrils. With closed eyes, you not only tasted the drink with your taste buds, but with all of your senses.   The experience was marvelous and although you are not much of a drinker, you appreciated the whole experience with your glass of fresh fruit juices.  You are learning how to slow down in general and how mindfulness can really help you feel less pressured and less stressed in your daily life.  Dr. Hearn was so fascinating and got you thinking about how you limit possibilities in your own life and how many ideas you allowed to dry out in the sun like a dream deferred.

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You also really appreciated the hands on practical exercises which included a customized self-care action plan that you will use to support you in reducing stress and prioritizing and nurturing yourself, and your dreams and goals.

As the retreat comes to an end, many of your sisters share sentiments ranging from being wistful about leaving to excitement about going home to start implementing big changes in their lives.  You find yourself somewhere in between. You are excited to go back home because you miss your family, yet you will miss the pampering, nurturing and support that you received during these past days.  You are so used to putting everyone first in your life-at home, at work and in your community, it was so refreshing to finally be put first.women

On the morning of your departures, there are long hugs; tearful goodbyes; promises to stay connected; and to meet again at Regine’s next retreat. The transformation cannot be put into words and you really feel like a brand new person. You are focused, empowered and inspired to really take charge of your life. You have your action list along with built in support when you begin to get scared and doubtful or discouraged.

Regine leaves the group with parting words from an African proverb, “remember sisters, if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together” and reminds you to stay connected with her and her support network and ask for extra help if needed.

As you make your way back up the mountain and into civilization, the tears once again flow. You definitely feel more empowered and eager to take better care of yourself, put yourself first and love yourself more than ever before. “I did it,” you think to yourself. “I finally put me first and feel better about myself than I have in years. I am a Phenomenal Woman.” The end

I am so glad that you took this journey with me. These stories have been created to give you a sense of what you will experience at my retreats. These stories are not to be taken literally, as I cannot control whether there will be moonlit nights, for example; but to illustrate my deepest desire for the internal experiences you will have, as that is where the true transformation lies.

If you are as excited to read these stories as I was to write them, then, you will undoubtedly love your time with other Phenomenal Women at the Sisterhood & Self-Care Retreat on the beautiful Mexican Riviera.

See you soon