Break Free and Fly Bonuses

You got the Break Free & Fly Bundle.  Here are your bonuses: 

Bonus 1: Private Coaching Call with Me! In this private coaching session we’ll create a plan so you can have more clarity, confidence, compassion, courage and community in your life so you can start living the BIGGER, BOLDER, FULFILLING and JOY-FILLED life that you deserve.

Go here to schedule your call: Schedule my coaching call

Bonus 2: It’s about time: Your 1-Day Retreat Staycation Guide.  This step by step guide will help you create the space, time and care you need to tap into yourself and nurture the most important relationship you have-YOURSELF; which includes a must have tool-kit, your own mantra or affirmation to start your day; your guide for dividing up your day, a  list of key questions to ask yourself, your own self-guided visualization process; a special closing ceremony; plus lots of tips and tools that you can use throughout the day.

Click here for the Staycation GuideRetreat Staycation Guide

Bonus 3: Visualization Masterclass. If you’re ready to be a Master, then you’ll want this 2 hour Visualization Masterclass, where you’ll learn step-by-step, how to use creative visualizations the correct way to start creating and attracting what you desire in your life.  Life can be a joyous, amazing and exciting journey and you’ll see why and how after taking this Masterclass.
Click here for the Masterclass:  Visualization Masterclass

Bonus 4: Lifetime $300 Voucher. Been wanting to go on a Black Butterfly  Journey’s Transformational Retreat and the dates just haven’t worked for you? Well no worries. With this voucher to use on any one BBJ transformational retreat FOREVER,  you’ll be one step closer to your amazing transformational journey. 

Click here to get your Voucher: Bonus Gift Certificate