Black History Matters:

A Spiritual + Historical Journey for Black Women

A Gullah Cultural Retreat
Savannah, GA

June 27-30, 2019

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture
is like a tree without roots.” Marcus Garvey


When positive Black women come together, our souls are naturally fed. Imagine heading to the charming city of Savannah, Georgia with an intimate group of amazing soul sisters.  Together we’ll explore the richness of the Gullah Culture throughout the Savannah region.

The soul connections are instantly felt. The familiarity of your lives and similar journeys are comforting. No need to explain yourself; you feel immediately accepted by this sisterhood of women.   Feeding your mind with forgotten details of the remarkable lives of sheros and heroes of the past, and realizing how much  history they didn’t tell you; you’re thankful that you’re able to have honest and real conversations with women who get it!

No more twisting your bestie’s arm or trying to get someone to go with you. You found your people.

“I want to thank you for showing up and taking care of me by providing retreats for professional women of color. I walked away with “more” than I bargained for. I made life-long friends; and had a very rich cultural experience. The momentum from that trip has not stopped as I was truly transformed. I am dating now, my business has exploded, I am taking impeccable care of my body, enjoying friendship and truly living joyfully. Thank you Regine! Based on your vision and living your purpose, I have been blessedDesi W.

Why Gullah?

Well, when enslaved West Africans were brought through the South Carolina port to toil in the rice and cotton fields, many fled to Sea Islands to start the first freedman’s village in the United States. Others were enslaved and forced to work on the plantations in the region.

Because of the geographic location separated by the mainland and strong sense of community, the descendants have been able to preserve their African cultural heritage. These descendants became known as the Gullah people, which means “a people blessed by God.”

For me, Gullah represents the motherland; and the motherland represents our core foundation as strong African American women. Although throughout most of the South, our rich African culture perished with slavery – in the Sea Islands and neighboring regions, it has been kept powerfully alive through the language, food and customs.

On this retreat, we’ll pull from the strength of our powerful ancestors and bring their wisdom and power into our everyday lives.

“The more you know of your history, the more liberated you are”
Maya Angelou

Wow – this sounds fascinating. What’s a Spiritual Retreat? Tell me more.

In some ways, a retreat is like a vacation, except that instead of the focus being on the outside of you, the focus is on the inside.  On a transformational journey, you’ll do some vacation stuff, like site-seeing and try new delicious food, but the real experience is all about the inner you.

So, we’ll tour sites and enjoy the food and culture of the South, but all of that is the backdrop to the main event, which is you.  A retreat is your opportunity to check-in with yourself, re-create yourself and love & nurture yourself as well as the Divine within you, for an uninterrupted length of time.  And because you have a supportive coach helping and supporting you on your journey, you can sit back, relax and FOCUS ON YOU!.

For this journey, you’ll examine the stories that you’ve been telling yourself; most of them are NOT TRUE, but yet they contol your life and stop you from having the life that you dreamed of (secretly, sometimes), and deserve.

Wouldn’t you love to drop the stories you’ve been holding onto like there are no good men, careers, jobs, etc; life is a struggle, hard, challenging, a test; I can’t trust men, women, family, friends; I have to do everything on  my own because (fill in the blank). These are all stories. Not hard truths. It may be true for you now but if it’s not true for everyone, that ‘s a good sign that it doesn’t have to be true for you either.  Make sense?

Don’t you think it’s time to start writing new stories that tell a narrative where you’re the shero and the star of your amazing movie and can have love, happiness, wealth, health and anything your heart desires?  

Then let’s make it happen! Through journaling, meditating and other proven strategies, (that I can’t wait to share with you), you’ll understand how to drop the frustration, heartache and disappointment that may have happened to you in your past. And you’ll see that they don’t have to keep happening through you re-living them.

And after hearing about the miraculous stories of your ancestors, combined with the tools that you’ll learn, it will be easier for you to drop the past and create a new future.   We’ll also talk about how to better overcome obstacles, which are a natural part of life, so you too can leave a legacy of achievement and inspiration and JOY.

Now, wouldn’t that be cool? 

Ready to be surrounded by a sisterhood of women who understand you without saying a word?

Come release your fatigue of the “only one” syndrome; your frustration about having to prove yourself more than your counterparts do; and have real conversations with “woke” women from a postiive and spiritual perspective.   

How would you feel if you could trade in your “sometimey” friendships for deeper connections and real conversations?

Well, start imagining it. Because throughout our time together, we’ll support you in being able to share your deepest self in a safe, loving environment, leaving you with a new experience of what’s possible in your life.

My spirit has been re-awakened and my purpose affirmed. Each activity along this journey touched a space within my soul that had been laying dormant waiting and yearning to be exposed. I truly and genuinely know that the power lies within me to do all things as a gift from the Creator. I didn’t understand it on the front end, I have been transformed and I am eternally grateful for your vision and commitment to nurturing mind, body and spirit.”  Anita


“Whereas our ancestors (not of choice) were the first successful cultivators of the wilds of America, we their descendants feel ourselves entitled to participate in the blessings of her luxuriant soil.”  Richard Allen

The Venue

Our home base will be in historic Savannah, where we’ll spend our afternoons exploring the City as well as our rick cultural history.   

You’ll enjoy old world charm and new world comfort, with classic, modern day amenities of the De Soto Hotel.  Overlooking Madison Square in the heart of Savannah’s Historic District, the De Soto Hotel combines elegance, history, and charm with a generous dash of modern Southern hospitality.

Breakfast consists of a hearty southern meal to prepare you for your full day ahead. Following magnificent and inspiring days of learning, experiencing and enjoying the richness of the Gullah culture, you can enjoy the  hotel’s skyline view  from one of Savannah’s tallest buildings or relax on the new pool terrace with its relaxing swimming pool,  fountains, or you can enjoy a hand-crafted cocktail at  cabana bar.

Retiring to your well-appointed room after a full day will feel like slipping on warm fluffy slippers after spent strolling along the river walk, shopping and of course, our historical and cultural tours.   You’ll enjoy the highest views of the Savannah skyline, your light and airy rooms paired with modern amenities, comforts  including Sotherly’s signature Beauty-rest mattress, down-filled duvets and pillows, and luxe cotton sheets. Although you’ll have access  complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi in your room, I know you won’t you using it because you’ll be chatting it up with your roomie in your room, down in the lobby or just chillin’ solo reflecting on your day.

Curious? Take a peek below:


Sis, you may want to either start a diet right before enjoying the fabulous feasts or wait until you get home because you will not be able to resist the  delicious low country southern cuisine starting with southern breakfasts of scrambled eggs, homemade waffles, fresh fruit and preserves, fluffy biscuits and so much more….Yes, every morning we receive a  full of Southern favorites. Can’t you just taste it?

You will absolutely love the flavors of authentic foods and low country and southern cooking; succulent juicy shrimp and creamy grits, lowcountry boil, rich and creamy she-crab soup and old fashioned collard greens with a side of sweet moist cornbread…delicious.

And you know, everything tastes better fried; and they sure know how to fry up some food in the South. Succulent, juicy fried chicken, crispy fried fish with crunchy hushpuppies, colossal  fresh fried shrimp and topped off with some old fashioned fried green tomatoes.

And for dessert, you will delight in some authentic Lowcountry Benne wafers. Benne is the  Bantu-word for sesame and was brought from East Africa and is now southern favorite. Looks yummy doesn’t it?

To cool you off during those warm days, how about a tall cool glass of lemonade top with a fresh sprig of mint? Or you can try an Arnold Palmer with sweet tea and lemonade. It’s sweet and tangy deliciousness in a glass.  I haven’t had one, but I hear an Arnold Palmer with Bourbon is sublime.  And aren’t you looking forward to sipping on a mint julip, full of sweet minty goodness? I know I am.

Green smoothie detox starts the day after we all get home. I will share my detox recipes with you. I am so serious!!!

Your Transformational Journey

Each day on our amazing retreat, you will practice tools that will support you on your spiritual journey. There is so much power in the coming together of women to connect with their Divinity; to nourish our souls and share our light with others.

If you already have a solid practice, then you’ll enjoy the time away to go deeper, grow your relationship with your loving Creator; and allow the synergy of a beautiful group dynamic to raise your energy and empower you even more. And who knows, you may even pick up a couple of new tools for your toolkit. And If you don’t already have a steady, habitual practice, don’t worry, sis, I got you. We will build one together, so that when you go back home, you can easily continue on your amazing path to freedom. So, what does this look like? I’m glad you asked.

Every day, we will begin with a group meditation, each day focusing on different types of meditative practice so you can discover what resonates with you. From silent, to guided, to mantra, we will have fun exploring a wide range of an ancient and effective ways to connect with your Divine nature. In addition to our daily meditations, we’ll use journaling exercises to excavate and clean out our internal houses; we will practice using active visualization & positive affirmations to create new visions for our lives; we will perform powerful forgiveness rituals to help release us the pains of our individual and collective pasts. We will also learn how to intentionally tap into our gratitude genes to allow us to embody our natural state of appreciation. And finally, the art of surrender will allow us to completely be set free.

Are you ready to be free sis?


Welcome to Savannah.  You will begin retreat weekend with a wonderful 3 course dinner, meeting and greeting you fellow sisters, getting to know each other and preparing for the weekend ahead.

Following our dinner, we will officially begin our retreat, with a powerful intention setting ceremony and discuss the process for setting intentions as a powerful first step to manifesting your desires.

My vision for you is to practice developing or deepening your own visioning process to create the life you desire.  Armed with new tools and a fresh perspective, you’ll be ready to dive into day two.


On the second day of our journey, we will explore the extraordinary history of Savannah and the Gullah people. The closest connection to West Africa in the United States, their often forgotten and unknown stories will leave you marveling about how much of our stories are “hidden.”

Picture standing in  the First African Baptist Church, the oldest black church in North America, and visiting an early reconstruction school for Blacks, as well as visiting burial grounds and sites where African men, women and children were brought and sold and plantations where they suffered, toiled and died.

Seeing all of that and being reminded of a painful history can be overwhelming, I know. But together we’ll practice how to use mindfulness and awareness tools to move through the pain, discomfort, anxiety, stress, overwhelm and fear, we experience in our daily lives. Once we’re able to move through life’s negative experience with acceptance, we can better move through natural obstacles and resistance and begin to manifest our heart’s desires.


No life map plan is complete without learning how to surrender. As Black Women, we often carry way too much, we take on stuff that’s ours as well as stuff that has no business on our plates.

Today, we surrender it all to a Power greater than us, that is waiting for us to give it all over. You’ll experience powerful forgiveness and surrender exercise that will help you release the burdens and weight that’s slowing you down.


It’s time to say goodbye; solidify our bonds; and to impart our final words. We will share a beautiful ceremony that will pull together all of our hard work and bless our time together. 

In our final moments together, you’ll be reminded why you need an excellent support system and you’ll have real tools for sustaining your personal growth.  After experiencing the coaching, the support, the sisterhood, the learning, the history lessons and so much more, you’ll be ready to go home enriched, exicited and inspired to make BIG things happen for you in your life.


After seeing and experiencing the history and culture of the resilient Gullah People, you will no doubt feel more empowered to create your own legacy. Through seeing and experiencing the rich history and culture of the extraordinary Gullah People, you will see yourself and know your own Greatness. That’s where your inner journey will begins. You will tap into your wisdom source and your true source so you can begin to access your greatness; the greatness of your grandmother, and her grandmother and her grandmother. 

“I have crossed over on the backs of Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Madam C. J. Walker. Because of them I can now live the dream. I am the seed of the free, and I know it. I intend to bear great fruit.” Oprah Winfrey

“I truly enjoyed it, I didn’t realize how badly I needed a retreat until I got there.” Delores F.

What’s Included

  • Beautiful accommodations– double or single occupancy three nights; four days at the beautiful DeSoto Hotel in the downtown historic district in Savannah, Georgia
  • three-course welcome upscale dinner
  • Daily freshly prepared full breakfast 
  • One authentic southern styled luncheon
  • An educational and entertaining Gullah and Black American history tour 
  • Powerful workshops and exercises plus lots of juicy retreat conversations
  • Transportation for Gullah and Black American history tour 
  • Unlimited hop on/hop off rides on trolley shuttle with 24 stops around the Historic District
  • Unlimited ferry rides on the Savannah Belles Ferry stopping at Trade Center Landing and City Hall Landing and Riverwalk

What’s Not Included

  • Your round trip airfare and transportation to/from Savannah, GA.
  • Round-trip ground airport transportation to and from hotel
  • Any meal not listed above
  • Other non-included items would be travel insurance, excess baggage charges & airport taxes, beverages (alcohol, soda), personal items, and souvenir shopping!
  • Additional excursions or tours not listed above


Where do I sign up?
Click the sign up button below and it will take you to the registration page. From there, you can make your payment and you’ll be all set?
What airport should I fly into; what time should I arrive and how will I get to the hotel DeSoto?

You can either fly into Savannah, Charleston or Jacksonville airports. The retreat officially begins at 5 pm on June 27, 2019 at the De Soto hotel. Once you arrive, you’ll be given instructions at check-in on where to go for your welcome dinner (included in your retreat package).

You’ll be responsible for getting to the hotel, but can use taxi’s, airport shuttle services uber/lyft, etc. to get there from the airport.

The DeSoto Hotel:15  East Liberty Street, Savannah, GA 31401  

Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport – 12.5 miles (22 min)
Charleston International Airport – 108 miles (1 hr, 55 min)
Jacksonville International Airport – 130 mile (2 hrs)

What if I want to stay longer?
As a full service travel agency, I can also help you plan a stay before or after the retreat.
What if I have more questions or want to make sure that this is for me?

I’m here to answer any of your questions. Email me at or you can schedule a call to talk to me by going to the calendar link below.

Your Sister Guide on Your Journey of Self-Discovery

My life can mainly be divided into two categories–before consistent spiritual practice and after consistent spiritual practice. When I am practicing my spirituality consistently, by which I mean, consistent meditation, journaling, gratitude, visioning and positive affirmations, etc., my life works. When I don’t, it doesn’t. Simple as that. What I have been able to figure out after years of trial and error, taking short cuts, pleading and begging for someone or something to fix it is that creating the habit of being who I want to be and loving myself through it, is the best way to go.

When I figured that out, I mean really got it, everything changed.  It was like some doors were unlocked and I got answers to long seeking questions. I became more aware of my own stuff; but not like before where I would feel defensive or guilty and play the same silly game, it’s my fault, it’s their fault, it’s his fault, it’s her fault, over and over and over again. Not like that at all; more in an empowering way, like “okay, I see that, now how can I make changes.” No fuss no muss –just practice.

And then I began to feel joy like it was a fountain inside of me that I could increase whenever I wanted. That was very cool. And things started to happen to me. My relationships got better. The focus of my purpose and career changed and best of all, I found love without looking for it. After I got back on track, I decided that never again would I allow myself to drift away from what’s important to me. Around that time, I began going on retreats again, for things like yoga, meditation and detox. However, on these retreats I seldom saw any women of color.

So I decided to create retreats for myself AND my sisters, because I know many of you have experienced exactly what I went through. Now I’m creating a sort of “ecosystem for fun and learning” –off the beaten path, including enriching, luxury retreats for women of color who want to disconnect from their hectic lives and reconnect with their true selves. And my greatest joy is to see these women return home feeling as rejuvenated and transformed as I felt, with all the tools and techniques they need to live a healthier, more empowered and beautifully balanced lives. My vision for you is to realize who you are. To see yourself as unstoppable. To let yourself shine!

Does this sound like you?
Then join me.
Let’s nourish our souls;
Travel the globe & Transform our worlds together.

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