in Cartagena, the Jewel of the Indies

October 24-30, 2019

Are you a Black woman who knows it’s your time to have more love; to live your own unique life; and shine your brilliant light in the world?

Enchanting Cartagena

Step back in time into the magnificent regal architecture of the walled city of Cartagena.  Stoll through the narrow colonial streets bursting with colors and charm, full of massive stone fortresses, historical churches, gorgeous mansions, scenic picturesque plazas.

Taste the delicious foods inspired by Spanish, African and local flavors in the many restaurants, cafes, and street vendors that crowd the plazas.

Witness one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen as you find a place on the ancient wall, sipping a glass of wine or eating a Colombian chocolate dessert.

End the evening as the city’s nightlife comes alive with the beat of Afro- Colombian sounds and seductive salsa music.

Finally!!! it’s all about you and you’re worth it!

Throughout this phenomenal journey, you’ll:

Use compassion to uncover the obstacles and take down the walls blocking the love within you.

Find the clarity you need to allow your unique brilliance to shine though you to the world.

Get the courage and confidence to finally start living your unique life on your terms.

Connect with a community of like-minded sisters who see, know and feel you so you’ll know that you’re not alone.

I’m still in my overflow. Thank you so much Regine for every aspect of my Haiti experience. I’m so full of love, compassion, joy, peace along with many other emotions that I can’t describe, as they are emotions I’ve never felt. I’m so changed! I am transformed! I am free!”

Stacye B. Gross

Cartagena, the Gem of Colombia

You’ve probably heard that Cartagena is a popular destination that has so much to offer, from bustling streets filled with street performers, food vendors old city architecture to the panoramic ocean views of the Caribbean ocean against the city’s skyline.  There’s gorgeous beaches, amazing cuisine, the world’s best Emeralds and funky graffiti art decorating the streets.

What you probably haven’t heard is that Cartagena was one of the largest slave trading ports in the world, and as a result, Cartagena has one of the world’s largest population of African descendants.

What most people don’t learn when they visit is that many Africans were transported through Plaza del Esclavo, now known as Plaza de los Coches, a popular spot for shopping; but was once the site of millions of Africans chained, branded and sold.

As Black Women, we’ll explore all facets of this city and understand the significant impact made by Africans that often remains hidden, denied and ignored.

Did you know that just outside of Cartagena lies the only surviving African village founded by escaped enslaved Africans during the 17th Century in the Americas? San Basilio de Palenque is considered the first free Black town in the Americas. Sadly, there are said to be less than 5,000 residents who remain to preserve and maintain their African culture, distinct creole language (Palenquero), musical and cultural traditions.

This is the Cartagena we will visit, one that fully paints an entire picture of Cartagena, the history of slavery and also celebrates the enormous impact made by African culture.

So when you see Cartagena’s legendary fruit vendors, the Black women known as Las Palenqueras selling fruit piled high in bowls they carry on their heads, with their colorful bright dresses that make tourist want to stop and photograph, you’ll know the real story behind their smiles.


We’ll be spending 6 fabulous nights on Cartagena’s Caribbean coast in the new and luxurious Conrad hotel, with breathtaking ocean views from each room.

With a massive private beach, several gorgeous swimming pools, and an exclusive Conrad Spa, you may never want to leave your beachfront home.

But when you’re ready, within minutes the complimentary hotel shuttle will take you to the historic and busy walled city.

After an eventful day exploring the sights and sounds of the bustling city, you’ll welcome the relaxing and calming surroundings.

Each room is luxurious and modern with plenty of space to relax and enjoy your comfortable which includes a balcony with panoramic views, Conrad signature bedding, customized complimentary pillow menu, walk-in shower, and deep soaking bathtub all designed for the queen in you.  After all, it’s your time and you deserve it.


Cartagena is blessed with a wide variety of local ingredients, from jungle flavors and mountain-grown herbs to the freshest seafood, to a variety of meat recipes, handed down from generation to generation, influenced by indigenous Colombian culture, Spanish, and African cultures.

Just taste in your mind delicious fresh fish, shrimp or lobster caught minutes before it’s served, alongside crispy fried plantains and yummy coconut rice.

Or you can try of my absolute favorites, Sancocho, which is a very thick soup made with root vegetables and different kinds of meats or seafood, in a broth, usually flavored with herbs (cilantro or parsley), combined with achiote, garlic, onion, scallions and bell peppers, corn potatoes, yuca. It’s so delicious.

For my veggie lovers, although Colombians love their meat and seafood, it is 2018, and Cartagena is an international destination after all, so you’ll find plenty of veggie options to choose from.

Starting with the fruits; there’s so many fresh fruit options that you’ll never get bored. You can find unique fruit that you’ve maybe never tasted like pitaya (yellow dragon fruit), granadilla, guanábana (soursop), uchuvas (cape gooseberries), and lulos (naranjillas), papaya, just to name a few.

There’s also plenty of rice, beans, corn, root vegetables and herbs to keep your belly full and taste buds satisfied.

Now, to the street food! Throughout the walled city, day or night, you’ll find the best street fare that Cartagena has to offer. Starting with breakfast, I’m told that we can’t leave Cartagena without having some arepa con huevo, a beloved breakfast food, made with a whole, uncooked egg, sealed inside two rounds of cornmeal dough and deep-fried to tender, flaky perfection…mmmm’

When you’re ready for a midday snack, how about a famous Colombian arepas, made of Colombian ground maize dough, cooked and compressed into a delicious flatbread.

When it’s time to cool off, there’s nothing better than refreshing ceviche, full of fresh chopped seafood dressed in orange, lime juices and herbs.

There’s always space for dessert, right? Some local favorites are Colombian dulce de leche. And then, there’s anything made with local, homemade Colombian cacao, which some of the world’s finest chocolate.

And what shall we wash this yummy food down with you ask? Well, how about a deliciously luscious piña colada or caipirinha, served in a freshly cut coconut. Oh yeah.  Now, you’re living the life!

Curious about a past retreat? Check this out!


Thank you for sharing all of that great info. Will you tell me what’s included?

  • Beautiful accommodations– (double or single occupancy) for 6 nights at the new & luxurious Conrad Cartegna.
  • Welcome upscale dinner at a local favorite restaurant
  • Daily gourmet full breakfast buffet
  • Complimentary daily shuttle to and from the walled City from the hotel
  • A customized guided walled city tour
  • A customized tour of the Village of Palenque, a UNESCO heritage site, which includes  transportation, an authentic Palenquero lunch, led by a local Palenquero guide.
  • A fabulous island hopping boating excursion with a fresh seafood lunch
  • An exciting and sultry Afro-Colombian salsa class lesson
  • A gourmet 3 -course closing dinner 
  • All in country ground transportation including round-trip airport transfers on arrival and departure days
  • All excursions & entrance fees to planned tours
  • Transportation for all tours and excursions
  • Boat transfer for Beach excursion
  • English speaking regional guided services and tour staff
  • Powerful workshops and exercises plus lots of juicy retreat conversations
  • Your own “time to shine” retreat plan

What’s Not Included

  • Your airfare from home to and from Cartagena
  • Required travel insurance
  • Other non-included items would be spa treatments, excess baggage charges & alcoholic beverages, personal items, and souvenir shopping!
  • Any other meal or expense not listed in inclusions
  • Additional excursions*

* Interested in adding additional days to your Cartagena stay? Contact me for details.
**Initial Deposits are non-refundable


Day 1: Bienvenido (Welcome)
Welcome to Cartagena, the Jewel of Colombia.  We begin our journey together with meeting and connecting with each other and setting our intention to experience living life on our terms, receiving the love we deserve and shining our brilliant light for all of the world to see and appreciate. ?


Get ready to enjoy the life and dine on your first amazing meal together in Cartegena upscale specially selected restaurant. Save space for desert and fun surprises.

Day 2: The Walled City

We explore the walled city and close by neighborhoods learning about the culture and the people and of course, learning about the whole story, which includes our story.

As we explore the walled city, built to keep enemies away, you’ll examine the walls that you have built that keeps the bad stuff accidently keeps the good stuff out too.

We’ll also visit the Emerald museum. Representing love, the emerald is a powerful gem.

You may want to pick up your own special emerald, because later in the evening, we’ll open up our heart chakra or heart space using the sacred emerald.

Day 3: Journey to Palenque

We take a journey outside the walled city to visit Palenque de San Basilio, the only remaining Palenque village in the region.

Today, we focus on getting our shine on and exploring the ways that we’ve stood back in the shadows.

After experiencing the 300-year-old history of a people who share your roots, your genealogy, and your ancestry, you will know for sure that you can find your own way to your own radiance.

After the full day on the road, you’ll probably enjoy some “you” time relaxing on the beach or wading in the one of the lovely swimming pools.

Day 4: Livin' it up

Today, we hop on a speedboat and tour the gorgeous tropical islands near Cartagena’s Caribbean coastline. Discover the stunning flora and fauna, crystal clear turquoise, azure waters, white sandy beaches, coral reefs as you snorkel, swim or just float on the tranquil, warm Caribbean waters.

You’ll have free time in the evening to walk around the walled city to try some yummy street food or sweet chocolate desert with one of your sister-friends or you can just sit in one of the plazas people watching.

Day 5: It's Your Time
Today, we chill. After a day of boating and beaching, you’ll want to relax and rest.  Maybe it’s time for a spa service, an afternoon nap or chatting  with your new sister-friends on pool lounge chair.  

We’ll also go deeper with our inner work and focus on self-love, compassion and the ways, we withhold  and explore ways we can love ourselves more.  We’ll focus on how much pleasure versus struggle we allow ourselves to experience. You’ll ask and answer questions like how hard do I believe I have to work? How much relaxation time am I allowed? How much reward, love, and joy I’m allowed? How much ease and joy do I believe I can have in my lifeHow much do I give myself a break? Do I need to always “be” doing, working, moving? Do I even know how to really relax?

These questions will show you capacity to live a life of flow, ease and grace. They’ll allow you to see that anything you believe life is withholding from you is a reflection of what you’re withholding from yourself. Ouch!

After our in-depth session, you’ll realize the ways, big and small that you have been pushing away, not allowing or rejecting the amazing life that is accessible and available to you.

Armed with new information, you’ll commit to treating yourself marvelosouly so that LIFE, PEOPLE & CIRCUMSTANCES can reflect all of that goody juiciness back at you.

Day 6: Shine
Today, we SHINE!  Your job is to find specific ways to live, love and shine.

On our last full day together, we examine the ways that we shrink back, stay small, hide, become invisible for fear of being our true selves.  So many of us have constructed walls that we think are protecting us but really only serve to prevent us from feeling the love and compassion that is our to experience.

Isn’t it time to take the risk? To be open to giving and receiving that love you’ve been craving. Isn’t it time to open your heart? We close our final evening together with a fabulous gourmet dinner at one of Cartagena’s  finest restaurants and then enjoy a fun and sultry salsa lesson. Time to dress up ladies.

Bring your sexiest, hottest, glamorous (“I look so good it should be a crime ensemble’), because tonight, we celebrate ourselves and each other. We let at all out and shine our light committing to living full on, no more dimming, hiding or shrinking back. It’s time to SHINE!!!

Day 7: Adiós (Goodbye)

We say goodbye to this beautiful and rich gem and go home with more love in our hearts, ready to live BIG and BOLD lives with lots of glitter, glow and shine.

You’ll have so many memories to symbolize your sacred journey.  Just in case you can’t choose one, we can all decide that we’ll make it the Prisma Afro, My Black is Beautiful, the largest graffiti in the country- a tribute to a Black woman.



This retreat will be full of beautiful locations, delicious foods, exciting experiences and lots of fun, but the inner journey will be the most important one that you will take because that’s the one that will change your life for the better.

You deserve to live every day of your life with joy, that’s why in addition to travelling to must-see locations, this transformational journey will give you the tools to live a life of joy, love, and radiance on your terms.

Each day, you’ll have opportunities to experience living your glorious life, loving yourself, receiving love and shining your magnificent light.

And when you say good-bye to your fellow sisters, the beautiful country you will now love and the amazing experiences, you will know that you deserve to Live, Love & Shine in a way that you never have before!

“Traveling with Regine has been absolutely life changing. She chooses locations with the intent of opening your heart. She serves as an excellent guide while giving the space to grow and learn on your own throughout the trip. Her guidance allowed me to find out so many things about myself and I will never be the same.”
Liz G

Get ready to dive deep and allow youreself to:


It’s your time to Live

Designed especially for you, this Retreat is all about helping you Live your Best Life and giving yourself permission to do so in your own unique way and on her own terms.

You’ll begin your day with daily meditation to allow you to tap into your inner self, the part of you who knows what Life and living really means—your own Life Force.

 We’ll spend some time each day to explore your deepest inner desires and discover how you can bring them into the realm of possibility.

You’ll also be guided through thoughtful exercises to help you identify specific ways that you can learn to live more boldly, with courage, confidence and clarity to create a life unique to you.

As you internally process living your best life, you’ll experience outwardly how life can be fun, playful and an exciting adventure. You’ll also be reminded that you deserve the best life has to offer.

Starting with our amazing accommodations, you’ll certainly be living large in your decked-out hotel with the beauitiful ocean views, swimming pools and full service spa and luxury amenities.

The food, throughout this journey, will also be amazing, but we want to make sure that you’re living it up, so you’ll have an exquisite fine dining experience in one of Cartagena’s exclusive restaurants.

You’ll laugh, play, dance, and sing; you’ll enjoy an afternoon of jet setting and island hopping, and then swimming, snorkeling and exploring one of the most beautiful archipelago coral’s reefs.

You’ll dance the night away to the energetic vibes of Salsa and Afro-Colombian music. Don’t worry if you don’t dance salsa because we’ll take lessons, so we can sure to get your groove on.

By the end of the retreat, you will feel ALIVE!

It’s your time to Love

From lots of self-love like quiet time alone, to nurturing massages and pampering to spending time in nature to lots of rest and relaxation, your body, mind and soul will love the love that you are will be pouring out.

Through the sisterhood bonding and connection, you’ll experience love, acceptance and intimacy that will remind you of what’s possible all of the time.

And through our powerful workshops, deep exercises, you’ll uncover and learn how to eradicate those destructive thoughts, feelings and emotions that only serve to keep you distant from others, disconnected and alone and lonely.

Before you know it, love will be oozing out of your pores and you’ll be open to receive any type of love that’s been eluding you; love of self or love of others, including in the romance department (and who doesn’t want that, right?)

We’ll close out our love fest with a powerful, heart opening ceremony using the emerald gem that Colombia’s famous for. Did you know that the emerald is known as the “stone of successful love?”  It stimulates the energy center of the heart chakra and has been used to balance emotions, harmonize relationships and cultivate love.  Isn’t it cool to know that the Colombian emeralds account for 70–90% of the world’s emerald market and are said to be among the purest emeralds in the world? (so sis, this is gonna stick :-))

It’s your time to Shine

No more holding back. No more dimming your light so that others can feel better about themselves.  No more playing down your intelligence and brilliance. No more shying away from being seen and taking the stage fearing what they would say or think.

 For far too long, you have neglected your secret sauce, magic mojo and over the years and as result in many ways have become invisible.

 There’s a high price to be paid by accepting your own invisibility.” Oprah Winfrey

 It’s time to turn up!  Get lit! It’s time to Shine.

Marianne Williamson said it best,

“We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

 And the truth is dimming your shine does a disservice not only to you, but to “them” as well.

So sisters, shine your light not only for you but for those around you, because as you do so, you give them permission to do the same. And there’s no bigger gift you can give to someone, than the gift of being themselves.

Throughout this retreat, you’ll examine specific ways (small or big) that you dim your light and how you can now give yourself permission to be your brilliant, amazing, magnificent self.  We’ll also have a powerful ceremony claiming our light, power and shine with ourselves and each other.

And then you’ll explore what hidden gems, talents, resources you have that can finally be uncovered.

When we visit the African village of Basilio we’ll understand in a profound way what hundreds of years of invisibility can do.

The world doesn’t know about these brave African men and women who ran away from their captors, found and settled in a remote region, defended themselves against re-enslavement and preserved their culture and tradition.

But now, the Palenqueros are being recognized and the world is finally seeing their brilliance and contribution.  Let’s witness their shine and reaffirm for ourselves that we will always shine no matter.

Your Sister Guide on Your Journey of Self-Discovery

My life can mainly be divided into two categories–before consistent spiritual practice and after consistent spiritual practice. When I am practicing my spirituality consistently, by which I mean, consistent meditation, journaling, gratitude, visioning and positive affirmations, etc., my life works. When I don’t, it doesn’t. Simple as that. What I have been able to figure out after years of trial and error, taking short cuts, pleading and begging for someone or something to fix it is that creating the habit of being who I want to be and loving myself through it, is the best way to go.

When I figured that out, I mean really got it, everything changed.  It was like some doors were unlocked and I got answers to long seeking questions. I became more aware of my own stuff; but not like before where I would feel defensive or guilty and play the same silly game, it’s my fault, it’s their fault, it’s his fault, it’s her fault, over and over and over again. Not like that at all; more in an empowering way, like “okay, I see that, now how can I make changes.” No fuss no muss –just practice.

And then I began to feel joy like it was a fountain inside of me that I could increase whenever I wanted. That was very cool. And things started to happen to me. My relationships got better. The focus of my purpose and career changed and best of all, I found love without looking for it. After I got back on track, I decided that never again would I allow myself to drift away from what’s important to me. Around that time, I began going on retreats again, for things like yoga, meditation and detox. However, on these retreats I seldom saw any women of color.

So I decided to create retreats for myself AND my sisters, because I know many of you have experienced exactly what I went through. Now I’m creating a sort of “ecosystem for fun and learning” –off the beaten path, including enriching, luxury retreats for women of color who want to disconnect from their hectic lives and reconnect with their true selves. And my greatest joy is to see these women return home feeling as rejuvenated and transformed as I felt, with all the tools and techniques they need to live a healthier, more empowered and beautifully balanced lives. My vision for you is to realize who you are. To see yourself as unstoppable. To let yourself shine!

 Does this sound like you? Then  join me.

 Let’s nourish our souls; Travel the globe & Transform our worlds together.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Just so I’m clear, this isn’t a typical vacation, right?

Exactly, it’s a retreat, which in some ways, it’s like a vacation, except that instead of the focus being on the outside of you, the focus is on the inside.  On a transformational journey, you will do some vacation stuff, but the real experience is all about the inner you. Sure, we will tour sites and enjoy the beaches, the food and culture of the people, but all of that is the backdrop to the main event, which is you.

A retreat is your opportunity to check-in with yourself, create yourself and love and nurture yourself for an uninterrupted length of time.  And because you have a coach helping and supporting you on your journey, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?
Well, because this isn’t just a regular vacation, I want to make sure that this retreat is a good fit for you as well as other women traveling with us. If you believe that it is, then please go to the calendar below or one of the buttons that will take you to schedule a call with me.  Now, I know your busy and so please only schedule a call if you’re really interested. If you do, please honor our appointment as I do arrange my schedule to be fully present for our call.

Please note, any initial deposits made are non-refundable.  Thank you

What airport should I fly into; what time should I arrive and how will I get to the Conrad hotel?
You will fly into Rafael Núñez International Airport in Cartagena, Colombia (CTG). You will be received with a welcome sign and included transportation to the Conrad Cartagena hotel.

The retreat officially begins at 5 pm on October 24, 2019 at the Conrad Cartagena hotel. Once you arrive, you’ll be given a welcome packet at check with instructions on where we will gather before dinner. The retreat official ends after breakfast on October 30, 2019.

I recommend that you book a flight that so you can arrive before 3 pm on October 24 and after 12 noon on October 30, 2019.

Your retreat package also includes transportation from the hotel back to the airport on your departure date.

Will I need to exchange money? What should I pack and bring?

Yes. The peso is the currency of Colombia, so we will need to exchange money to buy goods and foods, etc. Credit cards are accepted, but check your bank for international fees.

Once we get to the hotel, we’ll make arrangements for you to safely exchange money.

As we get closer to the trip, I’ll be scheduling a video conference call, so we can go over how best to prepare for your trip.  Don’t worry, you’ll know everything you need to know in plenty of time.

Do I need a visa to travel to Colombia?
If you’re American, you don’t need a visa, just a valid passport with 6 six months or before expiration.
Is it safe to travel to Cartagena?

Yes. Every country has its potential dangers (watched the news about the US lately?), but we’ll be traveling in tourists areas for the most part. There  are parts of the Walled City that can be sketchy at night, so I would not recommend solo ventures at night. We’ll have a buddy system to make sure that no one is wandering off unaccounted for or alone.

My retreat motto is “erebody” going home safe. 🙂

What if I have more questions or want to make sure that this is for me?
I’m here to answer any of your questions. Email me at or you can schedule a call to talk to me by going to the calendar link below.

More questions? Schedule a call to talk to me by clicking the link below:

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“Phenomenal women retreat was wonderful. It was a life changing experience for me.  I learned new skills that I can continue to use in my everyday life. I feel self-improved and eager to work on my personal goals. Now, I have a vision for myself, my family and my love life. I feel so renewed. Thank you, Regine, for the Phenomenal women’s retreat.” Cherline C