Finding Freedom, Divinity & Sisterhood

on the Exotic Island of Haiti

April 24-30, 2019 

“Thank you so much Regine for every aspect of my Haiti experience. I’m so full of love, compassion, joy, peace along with many other emotions that I can’t describe, as they are emotions I’ve never felt. I’m so changed! I am transformed! I am free!” Stacye B. Gross


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The Phenomenal Women Retreat in Troncones, Mexico hosted by Regine the Travel Queen was just that, phenomenal. I had an opportunity to decompress and relax. Regine reminded me and all the ladies present of our worth. We were all able to connect, learn and grow. We didn’t just talk about goals and aspirations, everyone left with a plan of action. Personally, I have a book inside me that I’m trying to get out. My mind was clear enough during this retreat that I wrote 60% of the book during the retreat! I loved it. It was transformational and I’m looking forward to the next retreat!

Lafonda Middleton, Esquire

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