Transformational Retreats

A Gullah Island Retreat, Sea Islands ~ South Carolina

October 5-9, 2017

Imagine heading to the beautiful Gullah Islands on the coast of South Carolina with an intimate group of amazing soul sisters. From Beaufort to Charleston, together we’ll explore the richness of the Gullah Culture throughout the diverse Sea Island region.

The soul connections are instantly felt. The familiarity of your lives and similar journeys are comforting. No need to explain yourself-you feel immediately accepted by this sisterhood of women. Picture yourself sitting on a beautifully decorated verandah, one of Beaufort’s magnificent Colonial Era Bed & Breakfast’s shaded by majestic oak trees. The night breeze cools you and you look out onto the perfectly manicured garden. You and your newfound sister-friends drinking your mint julep cocktails; sharing stories and remarking that 100 years ago, this scene would not have been possible.

Recent Retreats

2016 Phenomenal Women Retreat

They came from California, Washington D.C., New Orleans & Florida. They came looking for peace, clarity, adventure or sisterhood. And over the course of 5 days; each was transformed in significant and impactful ways. They are the women of the Phenomenal Women Sisterhood and Self-Care Retreat.

We started each day with group meditation where we inhaled and exhaled the ocean air, almost tasting its salty fragrance. We listened to the crashing of the waves and the shuffling of the wind through the leaves. With open eyes we watched the vastness of the blue sea directly in front of us. With closed eyes, we went deeper into ourselves.