Awaken Your Divine Feminine in Bali
December 1-7, 2019


Dream of visiting exotic locations with like-minded sisters?
Want a deeper connection with your own power and divinity?
Ready to discover your feminine power in a magical way?
Then join me to Awaken your Divine Feminine in Exotic Bali!

 The Black Goddess Retreat is for you if you’re: 

:: The Workaholic, who checks her email, IG & FB every 30 minutes.

:: The Superwoman, who barely has time to think, let alone decide if she’s on the right path with her life.

:: The Big Heart, who offers up so much of her time & energy with others, she forgets to save any for herself.

:: The Giver, who’s so busy helping everyone around her, she can lose track of her own needs.

:: The Seeker, who seeks a deeper connection to her soul & purpose.

:: The Craver, who craves more pampering, relaxation and self-care.

:: The Explorer, who wants to explore new cultures, foods and experiences

You’ll be joining an intimate group of sisters, enjoying 7 days of distraction-free inner exploration, personal growth, & meaningful conversation surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.

As women, we don’t spend a lot of time on ourselves. There is just so much to do on any given day. You strive to keep up, but life’s demanding pace can take a toll.

Yep, we get it!

That’s why we create retreats.

Our Promise is to support you in carving out space to unplug from life’s demand and recharge your battery, refresh your mind, connect with a sisterhood & restore your spirit.

Because taking care of yourself isn’t just something nice to do– it’s essential. 

Thank you so much Regine for every aspect of my Haiti experience. I’m so full of love, compassion, joy, peace along with many other emotions that I can’t describe, as they are emotions I’ve never felt. I’m so changed!  I am transformed! I am free!

Love Stacye

That’s enough for me! I’m in! 

I’m curious about this transformation. What does that mean?

Let me tell you about your journey!

I believe that you deserve to live every day of your life with joy and power, that’s why in addition to travelling to must-see locations, this transformational journey will give you the tools to live a life that represents the fabulous-ness that is YOU.

To make that happen, you must tap into your inner resources, the Source of all your power and move into a more nurturing and compassionate relationship with yourself and others.

When you’re open to it, the divine feminine within you, you will give birth to more compassion, peace, joy, innocence, non-judgement, creativity, intuition, sensitivity, love and forgiveness. These are the qualities of the Feminine and these are the qualities that we need more of and to learn how to cultivate them so they can be our living reality daily.

A sold and consistent spiritual practice is an effective way to cultivate these qualities and during our retreat, we’ll build, practice and nurture our connection with the Divine.

If you already have a solid practice, then you’ll enjoy the time away to go deeper, grow your relationship with your loving Creator; and allow the synergy of a beautiful group of dynamic women to raise your energy and empower you even more. And who knows, you may even pick up some new tools for your toolkit. If you don’t already have a steady, habitual practice, don’t worry, sis, I got you. We’ll build one together; so that when you go back home, you can easily continue on your amazing path to love, peace and joy.

As women, we have the power to bring balance back to the planet to heal our world and our communities, but we have to start with bringing balance back to ourselves and to claim our inner power that will be honored by men (and not a threat to men).  The Black Goddess Retreat will be a place to start.

So what does all this look like? I’m glad you asked! Every day, we’ll begin with a group meditation, each day focusing on different types of meditative practice so you can discover what resonates with you. From silent to guided meditations, you’ll have fun exploring a wide range of ancient and effective ways to connect with your divine nature.  We’ll also practice daily restorative yoga to practice more union with the Divine and on some evenings, we’ll practice yoga nidra, a practice that will allow you to still your body and mind so you can feel and enhance the journey into yourself. Be ready to receive messages and inspirations about how magical and amazing your life can be.

In addition to our daily meditations, you’ll use active visualization and positive affirmations to create new visions for your life.  You may know by now that I believe in the power of writing.  During our time together, you’ll also use journaling to help you become very clear about what freedom means and what it can look like in your life.  Plus, you’ll walk away with your own personal road map for an amazing 2020. All you’ll have to do is follow it.

“All major religious traditions carry basically the same message,

that is love, compassion and forgiveness.

The important thing is they should be part of our daily lives.”   Dalai Lama

Day 1

Selamat datang di Bali ( Welcome to Bali)

Upon landing at the Ngurah Rai International Airport, a driver will pick you up and whisk you away to your gorgeous hotel villa, located just 30 minutes outside of Ubud.  You will be able to check-in at 2pm. Take a few hours to unpack, explore the villa, and get comfortable. At 5:00 pm, we’ll officially kickoff the retreat, to be followed by our welcome dinner.

You’ll drift off to sleep in your beautifully appointed modern room surrounded by a tropical garden and nestled by a sounds of nature lulling you to restful sleep.

Day 2

On your first full retreat day, we’ll begin to gently slow down our active minds and bodies by practicing a morning meditation and tapping into stillness, followed by a restorative yoga class. Beginner yogis no worries, this is a gentle class to stretch  and relax our bodies.
After a delicious and healthy breakfast, we’ll explore Ubud and do have some retail therapy.:-)

Following our group lunch in an authentic Balinese restaurant, we’ll spend the afternoon and evening relaxing at the spa.

Yes, after long travels and shopping, you’re body will welcome hours of massage and pampering at a beautiful Balinese spa. Aaahhh.

My muscles are already relaxing at the thought of it.  This is how a Black Goddess deserves to be treated, don’t you agree?

As you relax and settle in to the fact that you’re actual in Bali (pinch me:-), we’ll discuss all of the ways, big and small you nourish your mind, body and soul as well as the ways that you rob  yourself of experiencing pleasure cutting yourself off of from enjoyment, gratification and desire, essentially cutting yourself off from connecting with your own feminine nature.

During this week, you’ll commit to indulging, receiving and allowing good things into your life. It’s time to begin to awaken your divine feminine.

Day 3

Today, the journey to healing and awakening gets deeper as we dedicate this day to experiencing different forms of healing from our morning meditation, to our restorative yoga class, and our awakening your divine feminine session exploring tools to access our divine feminine and how we can use those powers to create an amazing 2020.

Later in the afternoon, we’ll experience live sound healing. Everything (including you) is about vibration and balance. Your body and all matter exist at different rates of vibration and have their own resonant frequencies. Therefore, sound and vibration play a fundamental role in your life by affecting physical, mental and spiritual levels of your human being. Sound healing allows you to: raise your energy, release yourself from stress, expand creativity and consciousness, improve memory, and unlock your potential. Experience a  journey into sound healing designed with frequencies guided to all 7 chakras with digital waves and live instruments.

Day 4

We continue our journey to awaken and to heal by going to the sacred healing waters to purify our minds and souls. The Hindu believe that these waters have magical powers and local Balinese come here to purify themselves under the water spouts that feed the pools.
We’ll have our own purification ceremony symbolizing the release of impure or negative thoughts, memories and experiences that haunt us or hold us back from moving into our full power as the Black Goddesses that we are.

The afternoon will take us to a  with a visit and taste authentic Bali teas and coffees at Satria Coffee Plantation, located in a lush jungle setting.  We’ll have to judge for ourselves whether the coffee produced there, deserves to be the most expensive coffee  on the planet.

We’ll finish the amazing day of our Balinese cultural experience with dinner with a local Balinese family, to experience real authentic Balinese culture in a traditional family compound. We’ll hear about the traditions of Bali, the meaning of offerings, learn how to make an offering, enjoy an indonesian buffet, all followed by traditional dance performances. A perfect ending to a perfect day!

Day 5

On our 5th day, we’ll start putting it all together, as we begin our day with entering the stillness, our yoga practice and our sisterhood gathering exploring how to now use the feminine power that we’re accessing to create the lives we truly desire.

Your afternoon will be spent as you wish, exploring the countryside, taking a  nap, sitting by the pool relaxing, taking a Balinese cooking class or a number of other activities that are available to you.

The day is yours to explore and enjoy.

Day 6

On our last full day before the end of the journey, you’ll spend your afternoon doing that one thing  you wanted to do that you may not have been able to because of time or schedule. Maybe you want to go back to the healing waters, head to the beach, see an authentic Balinese healer (it worked for Julia Roberts, in Eat, Pray, Love:-)  it’s up to you.

And our final evening will, along with your new sisterhood, you’ll put together everything you’ve seen, heard and learned over the week and take some time to integrate them into your heart and mind. We’ll have our final sacred ceremony together committing to the grand visions we’ve created and to continue the practices that we’ve been using throughout the journey. We’ve awakened our Divine Feminine and claimed our power as Black Goddesses. We’re ready for 2020 and beyond. Time to give thanks and celebrate.

Day 7

Titiang lungsur mapamit dumun,” (Goodbye). We say goodbye to this beautiful and rich island nation, you now feel more balanced, more at peace, calmer and more powerful, not in an aggressive, masculine way, but rather in a softer, subtler, quieter way. You’ll follow your intuition now and take inspired action this coming year. That will lead you to experience more love, beauty, abundance than you have before. You’ll always remember the way you felt during your meditation times, at yoga practices, during your sound healing and under the healing waters. You felt restored, whole and balanced and now you’ll take that back home with you. Renewed and Nourished until your next journey with the sisterhood to refuel and recharge. You now commit your continued spiritual practice, regular retreats and living in balance with your divine femininity.    


Thank you for sharing all of that great info.

Will you tell me what’s included?

:: 7 days, 6 nights* at an exquisite boutique Hotel Villa in Ubud. Accommodation is in a shared room with one other person. We also have a small number of private rooms (subject to availability).  Please let us know if you want to fly in on November 30.

:: Ground Transportation To/From Airport (Arrive DPS, Depart DPS.)

:: Gourmet Vegetarian Meals all breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners (alcohol not included)

:: Daily Yoga Practice

:: Yoga Nidra Evening Healing Sessions

:: Ubud Marketplace Shopping Excursion

:: Feminine Power Workshop

:: Creating on Purpose Workshop

:: One Spa day including a 60-minute Massage

:: Sound Healing Session

:: Journey to Sacred Waters Healing Experience

:: Satria Coffee Experience

:: Local Cultural Dinner

:: Special Farewell Dinner

:: Lots of free time to explore, go to the beach, shop, enjoy an authentic cooking class


Will you tell me what’s not included?

  • Your airfare to and from  DPS International Airport
  • Required travel insurance
  • Other non-included items would be spa treatments, excess baggage charges & alcoholic beverages, personal items, and souvenir shopping!
  • Any other expense not listed in inclusions
  • Additional excursions**

** Interested in adding additional days to your Bali stay? Contact us for details.

***Initial Deposits are non-refundable

+We reserve the right to cancel retreat if we do not meet minimum number of participants
++Itinerary is subject to change to an equivalent activity or experience

Want to hear from 2 women who took a past journey?

Still unsure about visiting Bali? Well, because this is no ordinary vacation, sis’, here are my top 10 reasons why you MUST join us on this sacred journey:

THE SISTERHOOD! Imagine experiencing this amazing adventure with women like you: progressive, like-minded and open to unique, cultural and spiritual experiences.

During our time together, they’ll be acceptance without judgement and love without expectations.  No explanations needed. you’ll be so surpised how connected, understood and supported you’ll feel.

Forget about shallow networking; you’ll forge bonds of support and love that will last a lifetime!

THE BEAUTY! Fifty shades of green best describe the tropical surroundings of these islands. Lush waterfalls, mountainous jungle ranges, soaring volcanoes, evergreen rice paddies, fresh water streams, Monkey temples, hidden cliff face beaches, infinity pools – the list goes on.

Plus, there are nearby untouched islands with just a short boat ride away – think pristine white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters

THE FOOD (OMG)! You won’t be able to stop talking about the delicious flavors. Bali is a foodie heaven full vegan, vegetarian, plant based foods that are healthy and organic or you can try delicious chicken skewers, oxtail soup, or seafood fried rice.

The curry, coconut or chili sauces are out of this world. So much variety and options to choose from.

You can’t go wrong with whatever you eat.

 THE CULTURE! Bali is rich in culture and steeped in tradition and customs.  Festivals, plays, dance, theater– there’s always some   form of artistic expression of the diverse Balinese, Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

 It will be a wonderful to experience a culture completely different from our Western world.

Due to the fact that Bali is a popular tourism destination for travelers all over the world, around 80% of its economy is related to tourism. The people depend and welcome tourism and know how to care and treat visitors like no other place.

They are kind, friendly and are almost never angry. In fact, anger is an emotion that is viewed as disrespectful.  After your visit, you’ll know people visit Bali over and over again.

Combining Hinduism with some Buddhist mythology, ancestral spirits, and indigenous deities, religion is the soul of Indonesia; life rotates around religious ceremonies and temples, especially in Bali. That’s why it’s called the Island of the Gods.

The Balinese hold many ceremonies and celebrations throughout the year, a few of which we will enjoy. From ceremonial offerings to purification ceremonies to sound healing, we’ll explore this rich and sacred culture and more importantly, connect deeper with our own sacredness and into our own Divinity.

From homemade traditional souvenirs to high end designer clothing, the shopping scene in Bali extends from traditional markets to stylish boutiques. Our US Dollar goes far in Bali, so bring an extra suitcase, or be willing to pick one up along the way!

You can shop for handmade arts, from humble wood key chains for less than $1 to high-end artistic pieces.


 The picturesque bohemian town of Ubud is your wellness destination on the island. Bali has one of the highest densities of spas in the world.

You do not have to go far to find a massage in Bali – the island has around 1,200 spas. Traditional Balinese massage is, of course, a must.

And there’s no better time to have a massage than after traveling a long way. So, one of first orders of business is to take rubbed up…


The Balinese use both traditional healing, including holistic therapies, massages, natural herbs and spices,  energy healing, sound healing and other ancient practices to restore balance and peace to the mind and body.

And we’re going to soak up as much healing as we can during our time in Bali. If you’re looking for healing in your mind, body or soul, then Bali is for you.

I want you to hear this reason from a past retreat participant, who said this about her transformational experience on our last Black Butterfly Journeys Retreat: Traveling with Regine has been absolutely life changing. She chooses locations with the intent of opening your heart. She serves as an excellent guide while giving the space to grow and learn on your own throughout the trip. Her guidance allowed me to find out so many things about myself and I will never be the same. Liz G

You’ll definitely experience a transformation that you won’t have in any other situation. The inner journey will be the most important one that you will take because that’s the one that will change your life for the better.

Your Sister Guide on Your Sacred Journey

My life can mainly be divided into two categories–before consistent spiritual practice and after consistent spiritual practice.

When I am practicing my spirituality consistently, by which I mean, consistent meditation, journaling, gratitude, visioning and positive affirmations, etc., my life works. When I don’t, it doesn’t. Simple as that.

As a reformed attorney and Strong Black Woman, my life was filled with uphill battles, proving myself, and doing it solo. Consistent spiritual practice, including meditation, journaling, gratitude, visualization, and energy work, attending regular retreats, and getting the support I needed, transformed my life.

Now, my life is more amazing than I’d imagined. I am truly happy, full, and grateful because my relationships with family and friends are stronger and healthier. The focus of my purpose and career changed, and I’m creating a career based on my interests, skills, and passion. Best of all, I found love without looking for it.

 I created Black Butterfly Journeys because my cup was so full, I needed to pour into others. BBJ is for you and all Black women who are too busy taking care of everyone else to realize what their dreams are, and who believe life is happening to them rather than knowing they have the power to create the life they desire.

My vision for you is to realize who you are, to see yourself as unstoppable, and to let yourself shine!

I want you to have the clarity to uncover your purpose and the courage to follow your passions so you can do work you love and live a life of your dreams.

And my greatest joy is to see these women return home feeling as rejuvenated and transformed as I felt, with all the tools and techniques they need to live a healthier, more empowered and beautifully balanced lives.

My vision for you is to realize who you are. To see yourself as unstoppable. To let yourself shine!

If this sounds like you, then let’s travel the globe, nurture our souls and transform our worlds, together!


Does this sound like you? Then join me. Let’s nourish our souls; travel the globe & transform the world together

I think I covered everything, but just in case if you have more questions on your mind, here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Just so I’m clear, this isn’t a typical vacation, right?
Exactly, it’s a retreat, which in some ways, it’s like a vacation, except that instead of the focus being on the outside of you, the focus is on the inside.  On a transformational journey, you will do some vacation stuff, but the real experience is all about the inner you. Sure, we will tour sites and enjoy the beaches, the food and culture of the people, but all of that is the backdrop to the main event, which is you.  A retreat is your opportunity to check-in with yourself, create yourself and love and nurture yourself for an uninterrupted length of time.  And because you have a coach helping and supporting you on your journey, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

I’ve never been so far away and I have no idea what to do?

As a retreat participant, you’ll never feel confused or alone while preparing for Bali. If you have a specific question, our team is available to assist you. You’ll feel fully taken care of and supported from the day you book your trip until you arrive in Bali. You can also expect a pre-departure call with our team to answer any finals questions you have prior to the trip.

About 30 days prior to departure you’ll receive suggested packing list, advice on how to arrive, as well as any other information that may need to be customized to you.

The Black Goddess Retreat in Bali is limited because we want you to have an intimate experience connecting with other like-minded individuals. Keeping the group small allows each participant to experience simplicity and meaningful connection.

What about the food and drink, are they safe to consume?

Yes. We will be dining at either the resort or established restaurants vetted by our tour operator. Bottle water will be the order of the day.  And no ice please, thank you. But just in case, we will make sure to have tummy aids. If you have ever been to Mexico or any developing country, you know what I mean. Things happen, of course, but you should be fine.

How do I get there?
You will fly into Indonesia. Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport, is located in southern Bali. Once you arrive, you will be picked up and taken to our home away from home.

Will I need to exchange money?
Rupiahs used in Bali and are available at banks and currency exchange centers upon arrival in Bali. Credit cards are accepted at most hotels, restaurants, stores. Most transactions are completed in rupiahs and a surcharge frequently is added for credit card payments, so check with your credit card company.

How do I sign up? 
Well, because this isn’t just a regular vacation, I want to make sure that this retreat is a good fit for you as well as other women traveling with us. If you believe that it is, then please go to the calendar below or one of the buttons that will take you to schedule a call with me.  Now, I know your busy and so please only schedule a call if you’re really interested. If you do, please honor our appointment as I do arrange my schedule to be fully present for our call.


“Phenomenal Women’s Retreat was wonderful.I learned new skills that I can continue to use in my everyday life. I feel self-empowered and eager to work on my personal goals. Now I have a vision for myself, my family and my love life. I feel so renewed. Thank you Regine for the Phenomenal Women’s Retreat.” Cherline