Phenomenal Women,

They came from California, Washington D.C., New Orleans & Florida. They came looking for peace, clarity, adventure or sisterhood. And over the course of 5 days; each was transformed in significant and impactful ways. They are the women of the Phenomenal Women Sisterhood and Self-Care Retreat.

We started each day with group meditation where we inhaled and exhaled the ocean air, almost tasting its salty fragrance. We listened to the crashing of the waves and the shuffling of the wind through the leaves. With open eyes we watched the vastness of the blue sea directly in front of us. With closed eyes, we went deeper into ourselves.

Meditation was followed by a beautiful healthy breakfast in our outdoor restaurant. We discussed observations, thoughts and questions. We shared perspectives and exchanged ideas. We were nurtured both physically and spiritually.

Breakfast was followed by afternoon workshops where over the course of the retreat where we courageously and honestly assessed where we are in our lives, created big bold visions for ourselves, committed to taking inspired action and learned tools and techniques to support our new paths.It was indeed transformational, powerful, deep and even scary work.

We also had lots of fun and play. We immersed ourselves in the culture of the people and danced salsa under the stars, We visited the town center, which was literally a tiny intersection comprised of little shops and restaurants. We were in a rural country for sure. And the beauty about that was that we were disconnected from our former lives, which allowed us to create new ones in a completely foreign and unfamiliar surrounding.

And the self-care, oh my! The massages, healing therapies, and body work was magical. It was so wonderful to be in our indoor/outdoor spa steps away from the ocean. After our massages, a couple of us headed straight to sleep. With no worries and guilt, it was divine.

Our biggest adventure was a two hour nature hike in the forest, which ended with a beautiful watering hole, streams and jump off cliff. And Yes we jumped. Over 20 feet high feet, it was scary as shi* But we did it. We jumped. Symbolizing the leaps we must all take during the times in our lives we feel especially fearful.
These women were so beautiful; so courageous; so open; so inspiring.

If I wasn’t sure before (I was…), I am absolutely certain that retreats and transformational travel experiences must be a necessary component of our lives. We must find regular ways to disconnect from the hectic madness of the world (now more than ever after this recent election cycle!). We must reconnect with our true selves; to empower ourselves and support each other.

Stay tuned for details of my next retreat.

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See you soon

Love Regine