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Have you been feeling stuck?

It’s common for women to be unhappy and unfulfilled in their careers.

If you are looking for a way to do what you love (while earning great money!) then you’ll want to read on…

Is this you?

  • You’re ready to stop just earning a paycheck
  • You’re tired of going through the motions
  • You want to use your gifts to help people
  • You want to find something that excites you
  • You’re definitely ready to travel and explore the world NOW.

Enough of hearing about how you can turn your passion into profits. It’s time to do it.

Are you ready?

Then this is just what you’re looking for!

Travel/tourism is the second fastest growing sector in the world, ahead of healthcare, information technology and financial services.

People really want to travel. People just like you. Why not help them do just that on a retreat?

Imagine if you could do more…


Travel To Your Dream Locations (Free!)

Hold your retreat in a beautiful, exotic and exciting destination… (or right in your own backyard, it’s all up to you!) Because of how the business is structured, it’s like free travel.

Share Your Gifts With The World

Imagine sharing something that you love with like minded people. Yoga, scrapbooking, photography, writing, or (fill in your passion here) — retreats can cover almost anything!

Turn Work Into Play And Make A Profit

Stop burning out from work and feeling like you have to “settle.” You could be surrounded by enthusiastic clients doing what you love – and best of all GETTING PAID to do it!

My Dream For YOU

My dream for you is that you have the confidence to create and lead your first retreat sharing your passion and gifts with others;

the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have the tools and resources you need;

enough money to make it all worth it with some to share and splurge; the ability to do this all a little easier than I did when I first started;

and the support you need to take this new journey.

I launched my first retreat within days of completing the course!

“Retreat Side Hustle was packed with practical information, resources and motivation.

It was pivotal in launching my first retreat (within days of completing the course!) Marketing, business, ethics and regulatory aspects for success and service to clients… creating a prosperous side gig!

I highly recommend!”

Kathy A Hampton, Wellside Retreats, Inc.

I’m inspired about my future as a retreat host.

“Retreat Side Hustle was an awesome experience. I found Regine to be knowledgeable in all things retreat.

I loved that through the worksheet assignments I was actually creating my retreat in almost real time.

I finished the course with over 50% of my retreat planned. I’m inspired about my future as a retreat host. Thanks Regine!”



Why Retreats?

Maybe you want to make some extra money to redo your kitchen…

Perhaps you want to contribute to Tyrone’s college fund, or take that extra vacation just cuz…

Imagine bringing people together because you love writing, or you’re an editor and want to help people finally get their book written and finished.

Or, maybe you’re a vegan chef and would love to teach people how to prepare healthy foods.

You may not be a teacher or leader, but just love to paint or create flower arrangements and would love to spend a weekend practicing and playing with people who get it.

(Yes, you don’t have to teach or lead. You can bring in an expert to help you.)

If you’re like me, there’s nothing better than traveling for free (or almost free.)

Well, that’s what I get to do when I lead a retreat. I pick locations that I either have been and love going or would like to visit…

Places like Bali, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil (sunning and beaching are two of my favorite verbs.) And, because I’m leading the retreats, my travel is always free.

But, it’s not all just about fun and sun. I also really love to help and serve as well. There are so many areas in the world where people live on a fraction of what we earn in America.

If social traveling is your thing, then you’ll love visiting countries where you can make a positive impact in just a few days. That’s one of my things, too.

That’s why I took groups to Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, volunteered at schools and donated much-needed food and supplies.


Yup. You can do that too!

You can get paid for something that you LOVE & would totally do for FREE.

Hi, I’m Regine!

For the past several years, I’ve led transformational retreats where I teach empowerment and spirituality to Black women.

Now, I spend my days exploring my favorite subjects and chillin’ on the beach. But it wasn’t always like this…

I started my retreat business because I was tired of spending most of my days (and sometimes nights) doing work that wasn’t fulfilling.

As a recovering attorney, I invested my time, energy and resources into my legal career even though it honestly wasn’t doing it for me. The dream career I imagined for myself wasn’t working and eventually crashed and burned.

I got fired! I didn’t know what I was going to do next… I just knew that I didn’t want to go back to the status quo.

That’s when I discovered retreats. And I realized that I could do what I love, share my passion with others, earn great money and travel the world. #winning. 

It started as a dream for me over 5 years ago, and today, Black Butterfly Journeys is a six figure Side Hustle business. I’ve traveled with over 100 women to several countries, had life changing experiences and made life long friends.

When I was able to spend a month traveling in Bali after my retreat there, I knew that I had to share with other women like you how to create your own successful retreat business.

Now I’m excited to share the exact steps that helped me create Black Butterfly Journeys with you.

Introducing: The Retreats Side Hustle Academy

Creating your own transformational retreats or events isn’t that complicated but there is definitely a right way and a hard way.

Finding something you love and are passionate about is key to earning good money.

Wouldn’t it be cool to use your passion to teach and share what you know with others?

Like Maya Angelou says, “when you get give, when you learn teach.”

Retreats Side Hustle Academy© is a 7 week on demand online course that includes everything you need to create your first or next successful retreat.


    What You’ll Find Inside Retreat Side Hustle…

    Class 1-Find your Niche

    For our first class, I will help you uncover WHY you may want to create a retreat or a retreat business in the first place and WHAT kind of retreat you envision for yourself and your participants.

    Your vision will set the stage for everything else you do. I’ll lead you through creating your vision statement and you’ll see mine and how I used it to create my six-figure retreat business.

    We will also go over some key elements that are essential in finding your niche retreat offering. Together, we’ll figure out who you are and what valuable gifts you have to share that will help you create lucrative retreats.

    Class 2-Location, Location, Location

    For this class, you’ll learn how to pick a great location, get the best deal for you and your clients and make your venue look and feel amazing. 

    This is where we get into the nitty gritty of planning your retreat dates, the location, the venue, and the group size. I cover the best time of hold your retreat, create a retreat planning timeline, figure out your dates, length of time for the retreat and other housekeeping details necessary to make your retreat a success. 

    You will walk away from this class prepared to know exactly the SPECIFIC type of retreat
    including all of the planning details and take steps in finding the perfect place for you and your group. 

    Class 3-Teach and Grow Rich

    Next up is program and content. Here you’ll learn how to create an exciting and enlightening program that’s both entertaining and informative. The more value you add here, the more you can charge. We’ll also talk about what you need to do to take care of yourself. Very important ladies!

    You’ll get access to some real examples of how to create content and programs, ideas for you to create your signature program, how to divide up your time between teaching, free time and activities… plus, how to use your retreat location for that special wow factor. 

    Class 4- It’s all about the WWW. 

    In our third class, you’ll learn how to build a beautiful website that attract clients who want to buy their special place on your amazing retreat from you, plus all of the other stuff that support your online presence.

    This class includes a sales page template from one of my sold-out retreats that you can literally cut and paste. Plus, I include other really good templates that you can use as a model to create your own sales page.

    Class 5-Money Money Money

    Class 5 is all about the dollars and sense. You’ll learn how to price your retreat to turn a profit each and every time and straight out of the box. Plus, we’ll talk about the various ways to accept money and some short cuts that you can only learn from experience.

    The best part of this class is you get your retreat expenses guide and pricing tool so you can easily calculate your costs, expenses and profit. THIS TOOL WILL BE YOUR ROADMAP FOR PROFIT AND IS SUPER EASY TO USE.

    Class 6-Paper Trail

    In this class, I’ll walk you through the nuts and bolts of all the documents you get as a part of this course. I’ll teach you how to complete them and fill them out correct.

    You’ll also get all the documents, forms and templates that I use in class 6, plus waivers, cancellations policies that you’ll need to protect yourself. As a lawyer I personally know how much money contracts costs, and believe me this alone is worth hundreds of dollars. Although I’m a lawyer, I’m not your lawyer, but I’ll hook you up anyway.

    Class 7-Sold out

    How to fill your retreat and close the sale is what we’ll cover in our seventh class. You’ll learn what a lead is, where to get clients and ultimately sell them into your fabulous retreat. 

    We’ll cover your detailed marketing plan. Included in this section is a clear plan for how to use things like Facebook ads, email marketing, and social media to fill your retreats, with best practices and only what you NEED to know. PLUS — what worked from me to go from a 6-person retreat in 2017 to retreats of over 15 women all over the world allowing me to walk away with over $10K profit for each retreat.

    Retreat Side Hustle includes…

      1. Forever access to easy to follow 7 classes of training video modules that you can download and review at your own pace.
      2. Each module can be downloaded so you can use whether you’re on or off-line.
      3. Forever access to all of the worksheets and templates you need to you can plan your retreat step by step as you watch the training videos.
      4. Forever access to all legal forms and contracts that you will need for your retreat participants (All you have to do is change the names.)
      5. Forever access to my customizable budget tool excel spreadsheet that you can use for every retreat so you can input all of your costs, expenses and profits. It’s formatted to do the actual math for you so you don’t have to. You’ll know exactly how much to charge to make the profit you want.


    Now Is Your Time

    Join Retreat Side Hustle and get everything below so you can start your dream today! 

    Retreat Side Hustle is valued at over $5,000, but you only pay $997!   Now for Black Friday only:  get it for only $599!

    And because I believe in the course and the value I know you’ll get, I’m offering a 100% No Questions Asked, Take-It-To-The-Bank Money Back Guarantee.

    If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase and would like a refund, all you have to do is demonstrate that you’ve completed all of the assignments and worksheets within 30 days of the start of the course and you’ll get your money back.


    Now Is Your Time…

    Don’t sit back and wait to travel until retiring or hold off for that “someday” that never actually happens…

    You can turn your passions into a retreat, earn great money, travel the world and live the life you’ve always wanted.