you know your life could be amazing if you just had the right support and the time and space to figure it out. 


Together, we’ll: 

*create time and confidential space to help you heal old wounds and move past your past;
*help you get clarity about what you really really want in life;
*help you get unstuck and move forward with optimism and excitment;
*help you get rid of habits and limiting beliefs that are holding you back;
*create routines, systems and processes to support your dreams and goals;
*help you find your purpose and passion and walk bravely in that direction;
*help you stay motivated and inspired about your own life;
*create a solid roadmap to help you get from where you are to where you want to be;
*help you stay accountable and in action so real changes happen;
*do all of this with no guilt, judgement or shame.


What others had to say: 

“I had no idea that I was in for a treat in speaking with Regine, I experienced an enlightening coaching session that let me reflect on myself to see that I needed to take care of me and love on myself, so that I could be free.” Rhonda Kendall

“I believe in investing in myself. I believe in getting guidance and support because we all have blind spots.  By investing in the Break Free and Fly program, I made a wise investment.  I highly recommend it and Regine. You’re in great hands!!” Karen Andre 

“When I started working with Regine, I had a lot projects in mind but felt overwhelmed, even paralyzed by my thoughts and emotions. There were feelings of doubt and inadequacy. I felt so disappointed at myself for being stuck instead of moving towards my vision and goals. Regine accompanied me in exploring my inner reflections and drawing out what really matters to me. She introduced to me to practical tools to overcome to my stumbling blocks. Our coaching sessions helped me gain clarity and confidence in my vision, specifically the process to bring this vision to life. I also have learned about self-care practices to implement in order to bloom and thrive as a person. What I’ve gained by working with Regine is priceless: strong support, accountability, a sharpened creativity and increased confidence.”  Edvrige P

How to get started: 

I carefully curate my packages to meet the individual needs of my clients. Please contact me directly and schedule time to talk so we together we can create a personalized program for your specific needs and desires.  Or you can email me at if you have any questions.